When designing your own kitchen, you must take into account several factors, such as color and distribution, although there are other more important aspects when designing your own kitchen such as simplicity, flexibility and ease of cleaning. Having a good kitchen distribution so that the movements are coordinated, will be determined by the importance of the working height of the project.

The different heights of the work surface will depend on the height of each person and how comfortable they feel working (there are clients who, having the same height, choose different work heights).

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Heights in base units

In any case, the height of the kitchen base units can be adjusted either only with modules (39, 70 and 78 cm.) With a standard depth of 60 cm or by combining the height of the modules and legs.

At Garbianti, we have different leg heights: 10, 12 and 15 cm, all of them designed and prepared to be anchored in the plinth and allow an ideal configuration as required. Once the height of the legs is defined, the plinth will be installed whose function is to prevent dirt and water from entering under the furniture.

The plinth material can vary, ranging from plinths made of the same material as the furniture, to plinths made of the same material as the countertop or aluminum plinths. The latter are currently widely used for their versatile finish that is capable of adapting to any color or material providing a modern touch and visual breadth to the kitchen.

Heights in tall cabinets

Hanging furniture is usually 35 cm deep, this measurement has been set so that most built-in microwaves and extractor hoods can be installed without problem.

Regarding the height, they are usually 70, 78 or 91 cm, all standard, choosing one or another measure according to the height of our kitchen, the usual thing is to hang the furniture between 144 and 150 cm in height depending on the height of each person.

At Garbianti Group, we have developed over the years a wide range of solutions that will allow you to find the best option between different measures, for different distributions in kitchen or bathroom furniture.

And you, are you clear about the height of your kitchen or bathroom project?

Garbianti Group, We manufacture with height.