If you were to renovate your kitchen or bathroom, would you know what color you would choose, the type of furniture you would want, the floor, the appliances, and the handles? It seems like a minor element, but the truth is that they can make a piece of furniture, a door, some cabinets or an entire kitchen or bathroom stand out.

At Garbianti we want to share with you 5 perfect options to make your choice easier:


It is one of the most current trends of the moment. In fact, the most modern bathroom and kitchen furniture and, above all, those with a more minimalist design are found without handles. It is a solution that makes the lines of the furniture purer. The general concept of this type of handles is that they are integrated into the doors in such a way that they cannot be seen. For this you have the different options that Garbianti has for you.


The fact that the handle is a handle makes this type of option one of the most comfortable and ergonomic. Within this modality we can choose endless designs and models, which vary in width, thickness, material and shape, from round to square section bars, passing through models more adapted to the shape of our hand.


For lovers of the traditional who cannot and do not want to put aside moldings and shapes, the most classic handles on the market could not be missing.

In addition to different finishes, there are models with many details that make it easy to classify them within the classics, some more curved and others more straight, but all very similar. On the other hand, there are those that are shell-shaped and are widely used in rustic and classic kitchens.


An elegant and contemporary design of the kitchen is reflected in the clean and linear geometric shapes and the particular finish on the door that we could highlight with an aluminum profile inserted and cut at an angle of 40° for an easier grip. Undoubtedly an option that you will find in our line of kitchens and that can be installed horizontally on the base units or vertically on the columns. The finishes in this option vary from aluminum profiles, stainless steel including the possibility of having a wide variety of gloss or matt lacquered colors.


This type of handle is embedded in the edge of the door or in the front. One of the advantages of claw handles is that they allow the use of kitchen furniture of standard dimensions. This system has a small handle with a hole for us to open the furniture “with our fingernail”. As its name indicates.

Now that you know the different handles for kitchen furniture that you can find, you can choose the ones you like the most for style, design or functionality. And best of all, we have them available for you.