For many of us, the kitchen is the axis that drives and sustains daily life in our home. It feeds us, welcomes family, friends and bears witness to celebrations and moments. We can spend hours there, flitting between drawers and cupboards, making excuses to meet; or just a few quiet minutes to make a cup of coffee.

At Garbianti we aim to help our clients change their kitchens with a very simple idea. Next we will give you a series of tips to make your next project come true.

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Take the measurements well

We know what we want, but many times we do not know what we have. Carrying out a correct measurement will avoid possible long-term problems and better planning for the development of the project. Need help? Do not worry, at Garbianti we offer you the necessary professional experience so that the measurement of your kitchen furniture is correct.

Let’s be practical.

Do not load the spaces losing in functionality. It is undeniable that we all have certain dreams about it, we would love to have an island, a large dining area or a two-part refrigerator. Designing a functional kitchen that has the most important elements is our ideal.

Choice of Color

The range of possibilities in this regard will always be wide enough. It is one of the most difficult decisions for all of us to make, and more when we talk about kitchen furniture. Undoubtedly a very personal choice, which significantly influences our emotional state, so psychologically they play a fundamental role when choosing them to decorate. Through color, bright, fresh, happy, deep spaces can be generated, aspects to be taken into account in the final choice.

How is our house?

The kitchen is one more room in our house, just as the rest must reflect our tastes, our lifestyle. A good idea is that our home is harmonious, the decoration is already more personal, but we can bet on following the same style throughout the home.

A good atmosphere

Let us bear in mind that two important elements influence the kitchen environment, ventilation and lighting (the latter also linked to color). Let’s not overlook either of these two points. Ventilation in kitchens must eliminate excess hot air and introduce clean and fresh air, for this we will always recommend a good extractor hood. As for lighting, it will often be limited, but whenever possible, we must take advantage of natural light points, accompanied if necessary, with artificial light points in our furniture, an ideal option to give greater warmth to our project of kitchen room.

Do you need more info? Do not hesitate to contact us, we offer you design solutions to manufacture your kitchen or bathroom furniture according to your needs.