One of the biggest problems in kitchens is the lack of storage capacity. At Garbianti Group we want to share with you 5 possible solutions so that you can apply them in your next kitchen project and make the most of the space.

The best distribution will depend on your kitchen. The main thing to keep in mind is that we study the space well and look for solutions that adapt to each corner. There is no better or worse arrangement, it will always depend on the plant. However, a distribution of the furniture in Line or in parallel, will offer a feeling of extra space, another option to take into account is to consider the possibility of replacing the hinged doors to install sliding doors.
Today there are many possibilities to design your kitchen with different styles. But what almost all of them have in common is the integration of electrical appliances into the furniture. It is a way to gain space since a clean and linear front is visually achieved. It brings spaciousness to your kitchen, since there are no elements in between.
A small kitchen cannot leave the color theme to chance. The colors we use will do a lot for her. For example, light colors always reflect light. White is perhaps the most suitable. However, you can mix it with other tones and even with wood, be sure to check out our wide range of finishes.
Do you have little space in your kitchen? The advantages of our custom furniture are many, this is nothing new and even more so when it comes to small spaces. Having custom furniture will allow you to take advantage of every inch of the available space. Column furniture is very useful because they take advantage of the height of the kitchen. In addition, think that the depth of the base units is usually 60, but that of the upper units can be reduced to lighten the space. We manufacture solutions.
Low furniture will become your best allies in the kitchen. They couldn’t be more accessible and of course they also contain the rubbish bin and multiple waste management or storage solutions for your kitchen items.
Tall cabinets or column cabinets allow you many possibilities for interior decoration. You can choose between simple shelves, drawers, pull-out trays or the complete set to organize the broom and the cleaning equipment and products.

A correct choice of kitchen furniture and its distribution will allow you to make your kitchen space a useful, functional and pleasant area for your day to day. Garbianti Group, your kitchen factory.