To reform our kitchen or work on a new bathroom project, it is essential to take into consideration a series of elements so that the final choice is the most beautiful and well distributed.

In addition to the possible increases due to the finishes of the kitchen, its color and its dimensions, we must not forget the materials, an essential element, since depending on the choice we make, our kitchen will have a lesser or greater durability.

In addition to choosing the different elements for our kitchen or bathroom project, it is very important to know how to opt for a lacquered or laminate finish, since each type of material has a series of technical and aesthetic characteristics that it is necessary to know and in which our professionals will be able to advise you.

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At Garbianti, we want to share the main differences between these types of materials that will allow you to make a more informed choice in your next kitchen or bathroom environment:

What is lacquer?

Lacquering is a type of finish that is applied on wooden sheets or boards derived from wood, with the main objective of being able to enjoy surfaces with continuous finishes. Thus, when we refer to lacquering we are referring to the application of a type of colored or transparent paint on a material to give it a luminous appearance.

Normally, lacquer is more highly regarded than laminate, since the wooden materials on which this type of finish is made obtain a high level of light that gives them a very aesthetically beautiful glossy appearance.

How is the lacquer applied?

To obtain this finish, we will need to use polyurethane or polyester paints, which are applied by spraying in several layers, having to leave a certain temporary space between them so that the solvents that make up the paint evaporate.

At Garbianti, the lacquered fronts of our furniture show all their elegance with an extensive range of colors in matte or gloss finishes, manufactured with MDF boards subjected to a continuous pressing and gluing process using synthetic resins.

Our lacquer furniture manufacturing process is based on a protector that guarantees maximum shock resistance and a stable and durable surface over time.

Main Advantages:

Provides a smooth, even surface with no blemishes

Wide range of finishes

Lacquered furniture provides an unsurpassed chromatic and sensorial quality

It is very easy to clean and maintain

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What is Laminate?

Laminate, on the other hand, is a coating that is applied to form a finish on the boards, which are generally made of MDF or chipboard.

The laminate is formed by joining sheets of paper, which are joined using thermosetting resins. In the outermost layer there is always the sheet that will give color to the board, followed by a second more resistant layer, which will protect the material.

At Garbianti our laminate fronts are of excellent quality, with great resistance to abrasion and scratching. We manufacture laminated furniture covered with a decorative paper impregnated with melanin resin, with a wide variety of solid, wood and industrial designs. In addition to this, all the edges of our 1mm ABS fronts have PUR waterproof gluing (Polyurethane Adhesive) free of formaldehyde and solvents

Main advantages:

Wide variety of designs with coordinated surface finish

Excellent finishing properties

Highly realistic surface finishes

Considerably better adhesion to conventional EVA glue edges

Optimal protection against moisture

If what you are looking for in your kitchen or bathroom projects is quality and choice, At Garbianti we offer it, in addition to a completely comprehensive service in which our professionals and distributors will accompany you in the design and election process.

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