Frequently asked questions and answers

Without good design, there is no good kitchen. First you have to establish the preferences and needs of use of the family and then reconcile design and practicality.

The balance between the different elements that make it up (flooring, wall tiles, countertop, kitchen cabinet, electrical appliance, accessories) is essential to achieve a practical and comfortable kitchen.

Silestone, hardwoods, marble, granite, Neolith. There is a long list of types of countertop for your kitchen, but the most important thing is to choose it according to the other elements of the kitchen, in order to achieve the balance between design and space.

Today we have at our disposal a wide variety of materials to design and shape our kitchen furniture. The most important thing, within each taste or trend, is the choice of good and durable materials in construction, and their installation and assembly by good professionals.

At GARBIANTI, you will have professional support from the beginning to choose the right materials taking into account your tastes and your budget. Kitchen environments.

Kitchen or bathroom orders are only made through an authorized official distributor. For more information, you can write to us at garbianti@garbianti.com for more information or write to us directly from the following link.

Most of our points of sale are located in the community of Madrid, Castilla-La Mancha, Toledo, in addition to having current commercials in the UK; But we can and have carried out installations in Cádiz, Huelva, Córdoba, Málaga and in other areas nationwide. Ask us here.

Our shipping period is determined by the entry and confirmation of the order, keep in mind that depending on the material of the furniture it will take a certain number of weeks (4 or 5 weeks). Please ask your distributor for the shipping date or if you prefer write us directly from the following link.

The manufacturing time for kitchens and bathrooms will depend on the design itself and its characteristics. But on average our kitchens / bathrooms are assembled in 30 or 45 days. From the beginning you will have the estimated delivery and assembly dates. Find our different kitchen and bathroom models at the link.

There is the possibility of opening the tall units with a lower grip handle (integrated handle), push-to-open (it opens by pressing on the front) and by an electric motorized unit.

The base units are available in heights of 70 and 78 cm. The tall units are available in heights of 26, 28, 39, 45.5, 52, 65, 70, 78, 91, 104 cm. However, if you require a special piece of furniture, do not hesitate to consult it.

GARBIANTI offers three different depths with the base units: 48 and 60 cm. The depth for tall units is 35 cm and for columns 48 and 60 cm. However, if you require a special piece of furniture, do not hesitate to consult it.

The capacity of the tall cabinets is 65 kg.

With the built-in guide system our drawers can achieve extraordinary sliding characteristics with a load capacity of 40 kg and optionally 79 kg.

Please contact your dealer for pricing questions.

We think of kitchens and bathrooms that adapt to the daily rhythm in a natural way and that also respond to the characteristics of use of each person. Functional and formal durability is an inescapable premise within our Guarantee Policy.

The TOUCH finish is an innovative product for kitchen design, in addition this type of material has surface technology and, in turn, offers a high-level aesthetic for the most demanding demands. High quality finish, for great style designs.


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